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Volunteer Awards
Billy Johnston, John Murray, Sharon Mahoney, Jack Reamy

Since 1998 

~ Mission ~

To improve the quality of life of Bethany's feral cats.

Bethany Town Cats, Inc. is a Delaware non-profit corporation comprised of volunteers whose goals are: having feral cats spayed/neutered; caring for colonies; educating the public; and our ultimate goal, establishing a Sanctuary to help in the caring and placement of the cats in good homes.  100% of donations are used for veterinarian care, shelter and feeding of cats as well as protecting and improving the lives of feral cats.

For questions about Bethany Town Cats or for information regarding membership, please call (302) 537-5866


Thank you for all you do for feral cats!


Lauren Alberti, President

Lisa Valesco, Treasurer
John Reamy, Secretary

Advisory Committee

Raymond E. Tomasetti, Jr.

Dr. Jimmy Tragle, DMV
Whaleyville Animal Hospital